Within these pages you will find the exclusive hand knitted creations from Carole's collection that we have available in stock or have created and could recreate again.

The garments that are in stock are available for purchase on board "Emma Maye" or can be purchased through our on line shop here.

Please be aware that there may be slight colour variation between what you see on your computer screen and the actual garment.

Page updated 1st April 2017 with Carole's 8th garment completed this year.

Each of Carole's Creations is a truly unique garment or item.

Even though we have a experienced team of hand knitters, each one knits slightly differently form each other, and each garment will be created from a different dye number of the same shade of yarn, which can introduce subtle colour changes.

Of course if you can't find anything in our present collection that is to your taste please visit us regularly as our stock is constantly evolving, or you may want to consider commission Carole to create you own truly exclusive garment.

In the following list please click on the yellow text to take you to our on line shop where you will find further details, a picture and a price for the garment.


Garment no 9 completed this year, Ladies Tank top

Ladies tank top garment 296

Now available from the Wool Boat or our webshop

Grey gentleman's scarf garment 294 updated 1.4.17

A grey scarf in a ribbed knit has been hand knitted aboard the narrow boat "Emma Maye" in Lancashire by Carole Wareing of Colin and Carole's Creations.

The ribbed pattern knitted in the scarf was developed with a new stitch pattern by Carole

Created from a shade 8429 from J C Brett's "Top Value" acrylic yarn range.

Colour - grey.

Suitable for teenagers and adults, with this one being a commission from a gentleman in Penwortham near Preston.

Width 7.5inches 19cm

Length 6 feet or 183cm.

Machine washable at 30 degrees C

Garment 294

The 8th garment Carole has completed in 2017. 

Garment 294 Gentlemans grey scarf 

Party time hat Cw 2005 2nd Garment completed in 2017

A beanie hat knitted from the Party Time Chunky yarn

and the 3rd..

Aran jumper, 3rd Garment completed in 2017

Aran Jumper.

A gentleman's jumper knitted by Carole Wareing of Colin and Carole's Creations and The Wool Boat.

This Aran jumper was knitted for a customer in Skelmersdale.

The garment has been created from James C Bretts "Rustic Aran" shade DAT 9, a acrylic and wool Aran weight yarn.

Carole has taken a basic V neck jumper pattern and adapted it to become a bespoke garment for this customer.

This was the third garment Carole has finished in 2017, and if you would like a similar one knitting to your sizes please feel free to get in touch.

Garment 285.


 Carole's Latest Creation the 1st garment finished in 2017.

A lady's tank top knitted by Carole Wareing of Colin and Carole's Creations and The Wool Boat.

This garment was knitted for Carole's own wardrobe.

The garment has been created from James C Bretts "Rio" yarn that is now discontinued.

This was the 1st garment Carole finished in 2017.

Image Cw 2007 copyright Colin Wareing of Colin and Carole's Creations


                        Blue tank top


This is a Jumper Carole has knitted for herself and as a bit of an advert for The Wool Boat.

If you think one would be good for your company/sports team/boat etc

  please feel free to get in touch and discuss your ideas.

The Wool Boat Jumper




Pram blanket hand knitted by Carole Wareing

Three colours, white, lemon and mint.

Size approx 60cm x 54cm / 24 inch x 21 inches.

Price £15 + p and p £3.00

Knitted from J.C. Brett's acrylic Baby Bliss yarn for easy care and washing.

This Pram blanket is now in our on line shop



 Pram Blanket


Snow man jumper         It's January, so now is the time to be getting in touch for a Christmas jumper for NEXT Christmas!!!!!

  For details of the garments in white text please get in touch with us on 07931 356204

 This list was up dated on 8th January 2015, all garments where in stock on that day

    18          Child's Tiger Jumper 

   39        Childs Duck Jumper

   44        Childs striped Jumper.

   59       Ladies Lacey Jumper in Purple, Cream, and Lilac

   63      Blue Childs Cardigan

   65       Childs Oatmeal Aran Jumper.

   68       Teenagers Aran Jumper and hat set in Grey and Oatmeal.

   72      Airforce Blue Gentlemans Cardigan

   92      Babys Cardigan and bobble hat set, Purple and white

   95      Vertical Striped tea Cosies

   96     Babys Hoody

   119   Patriot Waist Coat

   125   Gentlemans Brown Cardigan